Monday, December 28, 2015

A Thankful Glance Back

The year is nearly over. Just 2 short days left. So I decided to combine photos of our Thanksgiving day this year (which we had at my Aunt Carmen's house) with some of the many things we are thankful to God for this year!

We are oh so grateful for the people God has put in our lives. Both those that we have known for most of our lives, and those that we have had the privilege to add to our list of acquaintances this year! Family (immediate, extended), friends, co-workers (most of which fit snugly in the friend category), church family, and all other groups. 

And more specifically God's blessing on our farm this year, and the wonderful edible items we were able to harvest from it. From Faith's vegetable garden, which did astonishingly well for the first year, to my squash garden, to the Turkey's we raised and so on and so forth.

In Nature, in the home, in friendships, in the sunrise, in His Son, and all He's done for us.

Gratitude is such a huge part of joy, and a full life. We can not truly honor God and live out His best for us to His glory, if we don't take the time to be thankful. To recognize the gift, smile, and simply say, "Thank you!"

So what are you thankful for as 2015 draws to an end!! I know my personal list is long and detailed. God is good and He is faithful, and I cannot wait to see what 2016 holds, knowing that the God who loves me, knows, and holds whatever is there.


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