Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Flying through Fall on the Farm

My favorite times of year are those in-between seasons (Spring and Fall), but like many of best things in life, they are definitely transient, and if you don't pay attention, they can fly by. This years fall was absolutely gorgeous as always, and very full.

On the farm, fall takes on a unique beauty. All the summer animals are nearly full grown, and the garden has that lovely, late season, frowsy look to it.

And Turkeys are really quite photogenic at full size, especially the Toms.  They really are comical creatures; every time you would walk out into the yard, they were thrown in a tizzy, and would gobble away and strut up and down.

Feeding the fast growing pigs is a twice a day chore, and definitely not exactly a clean job. Our "flying" pigs (who I think will get a whole post to themselves next!) get very excited about dinner, and like to put piggy nose prints all over Faith's pants! :)

{Cow lovin}

For lack of better models, I pulled the dogs to pose for some fall shots.. Wrangling dogs isn't easy.. unless you have food!

Beautiful Shine.

"Autumn is a second Spring, where every leaf is a flower"

Sunflowers are just as beautiful and twice as mesmerizing after their petals are gone. Fibonacci is such an incredible thing to discover in God's creation!! Look it up! It's so fascinating. 

So as of today, fall is officially over. But then again, it doesn't really seem like Winter has arrived either! Oh well! We will just enjoy this mixed up inbetween weather while we have it! :)


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