Saturday, February 20, 2016

My View: Two Weeks in Texas

So, as you saw in the last post, I'm obviously NOT in Michigan right now. Texas, is my current location. I'm staying with and helping out John with his little baby.
And these have been my views.
Left early Monday morning... and this was my view of the sunrise.. 

My view of each state as I drove through (my word, Illinois is long!!)  The sunset was gorgeous after I entered Arkansas. Close to my half way destination for the day.

 I was so blessed to be able to stay with my wonderful Cousin and her family in Arkansas. They have a really neat farm there, and can I just say, what an awesome family!!? So much fun spending even a short amount of time with!

Took off the next morning, and probably mid day crossed into Texas... And I drove and drove and drove and drove... Texas is huge. And of course my brother lives at the bottom of it!

This was my view come 6:30.... through to like 7:30... yeah. Not the best time to try to traverse Houston... But I made it! Late and slightly weary, I made it. Drove all the way, just me and Cubby (my car) pretty much across the entire country!  (well from top to bottom, almost)

This was my reason for being down there. Meet beautiful brown eyed Isabella Grace.

One of the most chill, happy easy going babies I have ever met! And so gorgeous!!!

Did I say something about her being happy!! :) Bella turned 4 months old when I was down, so we had to take some photos!

While the main reason for my trip was Bella, and most of my time was spent with her, there were days where I wasn't needed to watch her. And what with John working all the time, I was left to explore Texas by myself. :) I was able to volunteer at a couple places. The Farmers Market was pretty awesome! I volunteered there one night, as well as doing a bit of touring. First week here, I went to the South Texas Botanical Gardens. This place was gorgeous!!! And fun! If you are ever in Corpus Christi, seriously check it out! There is plenty to see, plenty to do, kids would love it, and it's very affordable. With lots of neat birds (some you could hold, and some that talked!!!) Lizards, Tortoises, in neat outdoor enclosures, it had a zoo, or animal sanctuary vibe. But then there were also the conservatories, and gardens, a play ground, (a butterfly house, and HummingBird Garden too!) and to top it off, it's set on  180 acres, and has an extensive board walk and trails and lots of wildlife to watch!! I spent a good half of the day there, and came away with lots of photos, fun memories (just ask me about the talking birds..) and a major sunburn.

This last bit of Texas I just discovered. On one of my free evenings, I finally decided to get out of the apartment, and head down to Mustang Island, just in time for the Sunset. It was breathtaking, beautiful, aweinspiring.. Well, I'll just let the photos speak for themselves. 

I had a lovely time there.
Well, my time down in Texas is drawing to a close. I had such a wonderful time caring for my darling little niece, catching up with John, meeting new people, and viewing another part of God's amazing creation!!
Here's to the next adventure!


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