Monday, February 29, 2016

Stranded in Arkansas

My plan for coming back from Texas was: to leave early Tuesday morning, stay the evening at my dear cousin Carrie and family's house, and get up super, super early Wednesday evening to get back home that day... But apparently God had other plans. A major snow storm was blowing north that day. So due to my families major pleading and my cousin's really sweet hospitality, I stayed in Arkansas for one extra day. It was one of the best decisions, and I had the most fun and lovely time!

When I had stopped by on my way down to Texas I got to see their 1 day old little darling Jersey calf Ginger. 

This time 2 weeks later, she was a lot more energetic, bouncing around the pasture. Super cute! 

And her Mother Nora was pretty sweet too!

Had such a fun full day. Went out and visited a real neat state park with an aquarium....

And turtles to hold...

And bees to watch..

And a neat interactive map.
But my favorite part of the day was after we got back to their house. It was an awesome crazy afternoon, of playing games, coloring, chatting, chasing and wrestling pigs, and amazing dinner and dessert, and crashing on the couch to Mary Poppins before bed! 
So thankful for being able to re-meet and spend time with such a wonderful family!
 So you see being stranded in Arkansas wasn't so bad after all!


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