Thursday, January 04, 2007

Biblical Structures - Graham Cracker Designs

New Years Eve evening we gathered in the Eddy's basement for some architectural creating out of graham crackers with the assigned subject of Biblical structures. Several small teams were created with a few individual designers and the construction quickly commenced as floorboards were laid, frames were built and cement was poured.
Early on a few peeks and inquiries were made as to the subject chosen of other creators, but soon everyone settled down to the tasks at hand as the structures were slowly but surely coming in to view.
In the end, when all was finished and the designs and creative points admired, the one amazing thing that we noticed was that we had unknowingly covered the majority of Scripture starting with Noahs ark and ending with the Apostle Paul in prison!

Below are some pictures of the builders and their creations. Enjoy!

Faith and Christianna and Noah's Ark.

The intricately designed Mr. and Mrs. Noah and friends made out of Graham Crackers by Faith!

Grace and Theresa working on the Tower.

The tower builders! John, Grace and Theresa Eddy.

Josiah and Abraham's altar and offering of the sacrificial lamb.

Shawn Eddy and Joshua and their masterpiece - The Tabernacle of the Lord.


Charity and Elisha's upper room.

Mr. and Mrs. Eddy and the Empty Tomb.

He is Risen!

Mom and Dad and the Roman Prison where the Apostle Paul was held.

Fritolious - Roman Soldier.

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