Thursday, February 03, 2011

A Puzzling Time of Year

When winter begins and the cold wind blows, we tend to search in the depth of the basement for a pile of puzzles all dusty and forsaken from the last winter. We unearth one of them and set up a table in the living room just to have something to do.

This year it all started with Josiah getting a new puzzle for his birthday, but as soon as it was finished we found one downstairs that we had never done, then another, then another.

We are currently working on our fourth puzzle since Josiah's birthday; the fish one in the pictures was our second. None of them have been up more than three days. One and a half days to make it and one and a half days to admire it. Josiah and Charity are mostly responsible for this quick pace, but the rest of us will occasionally put in a piece or two. It is an enjoyable winter family activity to pass the time.

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