Sunday, February 06, 2011

The Snow Storm

Last week we (along with most of the rest of the United States) were hit with quite a storm. Not the worst I have seen, but big enough to demand respect, and it delivered enough snow to create the need of shoveling.

In some places 24 inches of shoveling! But that was just in drifts, because the wind was so bad. I think we received an average of 10".

Speaking of the wind it created some very interesting sights with its wuthering around the house. Some were thin peaks of snow mountains, other cliffs with over hanging edges, everywhere stern beauty for the finding.

A nice smooth blanket of snow had laid itself over the garden, completely obliterating any of our rows. Only a few leggy herbs peek out from the herb box.

Though our house wasn't actually "buried" in snow, it was rather well covered, and I think looked all the prettier for the white covering.

On the other hand our little farm sign did get almost completely entombed in snow. I do think that we need a taller post!

Part of the reason for the burial of our sign was the clearing of our drive way. I am glad for our men's sake that we don't have one of those mile long driveways! This one is plenty enough hassle to clear.

We thank the LORD that the storm was not worse, and I thank Him even more for snows constant reminder of how he washes us whiter then snow! Thank you Father.

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