Tuesday, August 02, 2011

The First of August

The first of August is a very special day at our house. Namely Dad's Birthday!!

This year (due to some huge renovating projects) we had to put off our celebration until the evening, after Mom and Dad went out for dinner.

Josh and Theresa were able to come over to join in the festivities, which included gift giving and Birthday pie. Dad loves Bolthouse drinks, so we gave him a variety of those as well as some chocolates and cookies to snack on while studying.

Daddy loves pies of all shapes and sizes and since we had cake quite a bit recently, Charity and I made him a chocolate peanut butter pie, and a peach berry mix pie, both duly enjoyed.
We are very blessed to have Paul Sauve as our father/husband. Thank you Daddy for doing your utmost to follow God and lead your family.

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