Friday, August 05, 2011

A Miniscule Marvel

Last week we received a call from our neighbors to come and see something that was in their Garage. So we headed down, with anticipation, speculating the whole way what the creature could be.

Our delight and wonder was great when we found a tiny, beautiful, baby humming bird resting in a shoe box in their Garage. Of all the young creatures that we have come in contact with and tried to help, this was most definitely the smallest.
It would drink sugar water eagerly from a syringe, and squeaked loudly. But though it would try to beat it's little wings, it could not actually fly. So we counseled our neighbors to take it on their porch and watch it, until it seemed ready to be released.

Sure enough, later that evening we received a call saying that they had released the hummingbird and had seen/heard an adult hummingbird feeding it! We were very grateful for the chance to see one of the smaller parts of God's creation.

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