Monday, November 14, 2011

Just a little bit of Snow

(I apologize for the how long it has taken for these photos to appear.  Mumsie, Faith and I just returned from a trip which will be one of the posts forth coming.  But the pictures are still relevant as it snowed again today and Josiah made an even bigger snowman!)

 Here at last are the promised pictures of the little bit of snow that we received on Friday.

 Sadie Rose wasnt quite sure what to do with the snowflakes as they floated down around her, but once they landed she decided that they were perfectly harmless and quite edible!:)
At first, on Thursday afternoon, the snow came down in big fluffy flakes.
Falling silently to the ground where they quickly melted, as it was not cold enough for any to "stick".
 The next morning, however, we found that during the colder night hours it had continued to snow, and now the deck and all other wooden surfaces were coated with a fine dusting of pelleted snow.

As soon as I was done with chores that morning I went up on the deck and preceded to attempt to make a snowman.  It was a bit difficult since Sadie had decided that she loved snow, and would gobble up any snowballs left unattended.  Josiah soon joined me, and was determined to make a snowman bigger than my baby 8" tall creature.  The sparrows watched and commented while Josiah went to the fort to collect enough snow for his last ball.
The completed snowman was indeed larger than mine and managed to stay intact all day long, despite the warm sun and air.  We are very thankful for our taste of winter a little ahead of time, though Josiah says, "I won't be satisfied until I can shovel it!"  ;)


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