Monday, December 26, 2011

A Hike and a Game around the World: Special days Part 2

Saturday was Josiah's "day" and typical of him, he took us all on a hike at Beaver lake trails.
There was just enough snow on the ground to make the woods beautiful, and though slightly chilly, by the end of our vigorous tramp we were all quite warm.  We decided to take both the dogs, and as Sadie Rose has never been on these trails before, she steamed ahead like a locomotive sniffing enthusiastically and forcefully dragging whoever was on the other end of her leash ;)
Josiah had forgotten to bring his walking stick along, so he spent some time searching for a the perfect specimen.  The first one he selected was more like a young tree, and he ended supporting it more than it supported him!  The next candidate was short and just a little rotten, so soon all sticks were disposed of and he made use of just his two strong legs.
We managed to make it through the woods without being shot at, or even seeing any disgruntled hunters. Exhausted but happy we headed homeward where dear Mumsie waited with steaming Hot Chocolate.
Josiah had chosen homemade Hot Chocolate and Scotch Shortbread for his snack and we enjoyed them both while we played a game of Josiah's choice.

Take Off.  A very ancient game of our childhood, still enjoyed today even though we are missing many of the playing pieces, and the planes that are left rarely have both their wings.
The point of the game is to take your fleet of planes (we had to do with two in our fleets because of the missing aircraft) from the starting point on a Hawaiian island, all the way across the world to Hawaii on the other side of the map.  It was a delightful day of traveling (on foot and on paper) and enjoyed by all.

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