Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Of Letters and Numbers: Special days Part 3

When it comes to words, and educational games, Mother dear always is the MOST creative.  From definictionary to team spelling games, and many more, she has kept our interest, and this year it was no different. 
We started out the evening with an alphabetical bible name quiz.
We were split into teams of 2, Dad and Josiah, Grandpa and Faith, and Charity and I.  Mother was moderator.
You started the game with a list of the letters of the alphabet down the side of your paper, then when mother said "go!" Bible pages rustled and pencils flew.
The object was to find a name (with a matching bible reference) for each of the letters of the alphabet.  But you didn't want to pick too familiar ones, because you lost a point if you had the same name as one of the other teams.  When Mother finally told us that time was up, we all had almost all of the letters filled.  W, X, and Y however were very difficult and though no names were found, some of the teams selected titles, such as Widow.  The other names ranged from something normal like Mary (Matt 1:16) to Meremoth! (Nehemiah 3:21)
We then all gathered around the table for the second game with our snack, carob bridge mix, (Mmmmm!) in the middle.
An Alphabet Sentence turned out absolutely ridiculous and hilarious.  Just a hint if you ever make your own sentence, don't start with "All bad cats".  It kind of limits your options a little;)
The last game of the evening was a number activity...
Midnight Madness!! 
For those of you who have never played this game you are missing out.  Here are the basic rules: All the players have a piece of  paper while there is only one pen which is set in the middle of the table. The goal of the game is to write numbers from 1 to 100, but... you can only get the pen when you roll a 1 or a 6.  And of course if the person next to you rolls a 1 or 6 right after you receive the pen, then you must give it up right away!  It is always a hard laughing, fast moving, crazy writing game, and when we played it on Monday, we all managed to get quite high numbers, before Mother reached the winning 100!

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