Monday, January 02, 2012

GingerBread and Definictionary: Special days Part 6

The last of our "special days" was mine, and I had our activities all lined up!  First we all worked on a page from our picture album that we are working on as a family (look for more about that soon!!).  Then we cleared off the table of paper scraps and sprinkled it with flour for making Gingerbread men!!
Most of us cut out the normal gingerbread men with a few variations and a couple of animal friends for company;  all that is but Josiah.
When all the little men and animals were cut out and lined up on pans in the oven, we all gathered in the living room for a quick game of Definictionary; that is all of us but Josiah.
Some of the Definitions were highly interesting, and I thought I would share them with you all.
1. To pull taut, that is to stretch tight
2. To repeat the same thing in different words
3. The study of the preparation of white leather, especially from goats, kids lamb etc.

1. To make oneself spiffy
2. To confound or dismay
3. To argue about a petty difference

See if you can guess (without looking in the dictionary of course!! :) which definition is the correct one for each word.  The other two definitions are just made up, or borrowed from another word in the dictionary.
The oven had beeped while we were defining definitions ;) announcing that our gingerbread was ready to be decorated.  Unfortunately we were limited to only 4 colors; yellow, blue, green, and tan.  Oh, and of course we had white, but we were completely out of red/pink so we had to get very creative with certain features.
My Safari man and his three elephants, kind of came out of the movie we had watched the night before, and also out of the fact that we had elephant cookie cutters. ;)
Faith made both the front and the back of a blond haired blue eyed farmer boy, and two of his hens.  The chickens wattles and combs?  Strawberry jam.
Along with many other creative and interesting shapes, Dad made our house, complete with the address on the roof.  (okay so our house doesn't quite look like that, but you get the idea)
Mother decorated an adorable little boy fishing and catching a big yellow fish, along with a dog and chicken.  Now the evening had come to a close and we were all enjoying our creations, all that is but Josiah.   Want to know just what the creative genius has been doing while we all played with our gingerbread men and their houses and animals? 
Well never satisfied to usual things, Josiah had taken his allotted lump of dough, and while we were all clamoring for the different cookie cutters, he preceded to roll out and measure his dough, cutting it into perfect squares.  His goal was to make a gingerbread house, something we had never done before, and he was determined to make it as detailed as possible just using up the candies from his now closed candy store.
Josiah ended up running out of dough, and therefore the house was equipped with natural air conditioning.  It must be a cottage in Hawaii ;P
The finished project was quite amazing, a little house with blue siding and brown and yellow accents.  Complete with rain barrels in each corner, and a little man standing in front!  We all had so much fun creating and eating our "projects" all that is but Josiah whose house lasted for three days before its demise.  The pictures of its collapse will be posted late I assure you!

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