Friday, December 30, 2011

Linzer Tarts and a Movie Night: Special days Part 5

For Charity's night she decided to watch a movie, and before dinner she and I were elbows deep (figuratively of course;) in preparing a dessert to go with the movie.
Her selection was Linzer tarts.  We had never made them before, so we were in for an adventure.
 Charity (who made a special dough because of her diet) went and cut out the tops by hand - hearts and stars, triangles and circles, all decorated the top of her cookies.
Mother and I decided to use a doughnut cutter, creating just round holes.  It definitely was faster, but not as pretty.
Charity filled her Linzer cookies with strawberry jam from France!!!
We filled ours with strawberry (our homemade) cherry, and black raspberry.
They were tasty little tarts, and were the perfect thing to munch on while curled cozily watching a movie.

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