Monday, January 23, 2012

A Week of Parties!

 Alright, well not quite "parties." I guess a week of fellowship would be a better title but you get the idea.
Our first activity was scheduled on Wednesday evening (though we had quite a lot of smaller business early in the week).  On Wednesday we all packed in the van and headed over to Flint to have dinner with Grace and the Mixon family.
We all laughed and talked in the kitchen while last minute touches were put on the dinner.
Little Selah, the Mixon's baby charmed us all with smiles, funny expressions, and noises which she alone new the translation to.
Dinner was at last announced and we all sat down for a sumptuous repast.
Chicken Pot pie, a Salad Platter, and Rolls were all passed around and enjoyed by all.
At least almost all; the only food Manoah would touch was the applesauce, and he nearly emptied a whole jar!! :)
After the dishes were cleared away some settled down to talk, others played an ancient phonograph, and the rest "played pool"....Translation: crawled on top of the pool table pushing the balls into the holes and then fetching them out, to start the whole process over again. (at least the littlest did the crawling the rest just watched.)
We had a wonderful evening of fellowship, and hope to be able to see the Mixon's again soon.
Thursday night we went to the Ostranders for a Bible study.  We are currently watching through a video series by R.C Sproul on Martin Luther.  It is very insightful and interesting.
Friday evening found us at the home of our dear friends the Roehrers.
We enjoyed a delicious meal, and then watched an informative video by Joel Salatin about his farm in Virginia, interrupted only to partake of a decadent Chocolate Turtle cake.
We are very thankful for all of our friends and fellow believers and for their generosity and fellowship!!

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