Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dedicated to Sledding!

 Saturday morning dawned bright, clear, and snowy.  We knew, looking at the forecast, that the snow wouldn't last long, and therefore determined to make the best of it and go to Mr. Reiche's once again, this time with some friends.
 Despite the sun, the sled run still looked to be in good shape, and we were eager to try it out.
 The Fultz had not yet arrived but Josiah and Faith did a few test runs to help "smooth" out the run.

 The Fultz soon arrived, and sleds started speeding down the run one after another.
 Sister was a professional sledder and soon was going down all by herself!
 The favorite way for the children to go down though, was on a "big" persons back;)
 Tiny was rather afraid of the height of the ramp at first but slowly and surely he found out how fun it was and went down multiple times, always with a companion of course.
Go Sister!!!!

 A happy sledder :)

 Mr. Reiche still had his Christmas lights strung up along the path and though they were not on, the sun created some beautiful images shining on the bulbs.
 Once everyone was "sledded out" we returned to our house where Tiny helped me whip up a batch of Hot Chocolate while the rest of the children played outside.
It was a lovely afternoon and we all cannot wait until it snows again so we can return to Mr. Reiche's sled hill, as well as other hills we have not been to this year.  But even if we don't get the much prayed for snow we are grateful for what God has given us and for the fellowship that we have had in His great outdoors.

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