Friday, January 27, 2012

17 years later...

 On January 23rd, 1995, the third (and last) boy was born into the Sauvé family.  17 years and 6 feet 6 inches later Josiah continues to delight us with quick humor and intensely creative ways.

 For his birthday Josiah asked to go for a walk at Beaver Lake trails as he has done for the past few years.  The rain held up long enough for us to go for a nice long hike with Mr. Reiche and Grace along too.

 The trails were a bit sloppy but navigable, and the rain had left behind some beautiful sights.

 We took both the dogs with us and Sadie was a bulldozer.  She loved running down hill at top speed.
 Rain drops lodged themselves on Rose Hips along the way creating a beautiful sight.
 On one of the paths we took, we went by a couple old foundations.  It would have been amazing to have seen what the buildings looked like in their prime.

"The Birthday Boy and his Dogs"
 We stopped at Pinacle Peek where Mr. Reiche was kind enough to take a picture of us, before heading down and homeward.
 Josiah had requested a covered bridge cake, and though it was a bit difficult to complete, we finally managed.  Who knew covered bridges tasted so good? :)
 Then we began to open gifts:)
 Anyone guess what this present is?
 Josiah still is very interested in Eric Sloane and his books, and was thrilled with Faith's gift of a box set of "Eric Sloane's DO: a little book of early American know-how" and "Eric Sloane's DON'T: a little book of early American Gentility"
For dinner Josiah requested a German meat platter with all the sides.
We are very thankful for our tallest youngest boy.  He is our brave, persistent, creative, amusing, slightly stubborn, intelligent, and affectionate boy, and we love him very much!

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