Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It is Still Winter

While you are savoring this marvelously, wonderfully, out-of-place, too-warm weather, I thought you might enjoy this video... Just to keep it all in perspective.  This video was taken only 3 days ago.  Uh-huh.  So don't let yourself get tricked into thinking that spring is here, despite what all the crocuses and daffodil shoots are trying to say.  Don't listen to them.  This is only the last day of January!!!  There are still February and March to go, so hold on, and prepare yourself for more winter.

"The Spinning Sledders!!!"
Daniel, Josiah and Faith respectively were trying to see how many spins they could execute between the second downhill and the "tunnel" during a Saturday evening sled with the Brysons at Mr. Reiche's house.  If you listen closely you can hear that Faith completed four 360ºs before reaching the bottom.  Quite the accomplishment :)
 Meanwhile I satisfied myself with going down the normal way with the girls (minus one very interesting spill) and taking photos and videos of both the crazy sledders and the beautiful lights! 

I have to keep admonishing myself to thank God for each and every fluctuation of temperature, knowing that He is in control does help, and I must continue to remind myself that.....


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