Friday, February 03, 2012

The Carpenter and his Dog

 Josiah has always been interested in woodwork of all sorts, and was absolutely thrilled when he received some chisels for his birthday from Josh and Theresa.
 He put the chisels to work right away by carving his name into one of our stumps out back by the pond, but he was not just satisfied with such simple uses and on Tuesday (that gorgeously warm day) he spent most of the time outside hard at work on a project.
 One of his other birthday gifts, given to him by Mr. Reiche, was a draw knife.   He was thrilled to get it, for he has been wanting a draw knife forever, and decided to use it to make a mallet to use on another long waited for and just arrived possession; a froe (a type of axe, not a hairstyle;).
 The sunshine was warm, and it made Sadie Rose drowsy, and comfy, as she sat next to Josiah waiting for scraps of wood to chew on.
 After forming the basic shape, Josiah began to file away the wood.
 When he was finished the wood was soft and smooth, so much so that you could not have gotten a splinter if you tried.
 "Tadie Wose!!"
 (transalation: Sadie Rose ;P )
The maul was soon finished and was quickly put to use breaking in Josiah's froe.  Josiah is now concentrating on sharpening all his different chisels and as soon as he is done, who knows what various pieces of wood working we will find all about the yard! :)

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