Thursday, March 29, 2012

Trimming Trees

One of the many items we have been busy doing these past months is trimming trees.  We are very blessed to have a dear friend that has allowed us to "adopt" her orchard a couple years ago, so we have taken many different trips, to put the trees in shape.
"The Instruments of Torture" :)
One of the many trees in desperate need of a haircut.
The smaller branches we trimmed with hand clippers,
But some of the bigger branches required more strenuous sawing, 
and some slightly precarious branch pulling. :)
You didn't know that you could do ballet in a apple tree did you? :)

Once the big limbs were finally cut through,
Josiah hacked the branches off of the bigger limbs, so he could take the apple wood home.
All other miscellaneous branches were dragged away to the continuously growing, absolutely gigantic burn pile.  Such were our tree trimming adventures.  I promise to post more of our recent activities as soon as possible.  Thank you for your patience. ;)

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