Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Unusual March

This past March has been most unusual in its weather patterns, and because of that we have been blessed enough to do and see things which we normally would not experience till late April at least, if not May or June.  Following are some photos of some of our favorite late spring/summer things, done in March.
Hanging out the Laundry: We usually don't get to do this till summer, but the days were so warm, and the sun so bright, we decided to do it early, and were rewarded with the wonderful smell of freshly aired clothes in March.

Daffodils:  Most normal years I rarely have daffodils open by my birthday (the 28th of March) but this year some of them were open by the 18th. 
I had planted some different varieties last fall, and was very pleased with them this spring.
They made such cheerful bouquets!
Fruit trees: The Apricot blossomed early, opening it's lacy petals to flutter in the March breeze.
Forsythia:  Our little forsythia bush in the corner of the yard had lovely full blossoms this year, but when I tried to get Sadie Rose to pose with a forsythia in her mouth all she would do was eat the flowers! :)
Birds: Usually the birds come in full force come mid/late March, but this year we were watching Robins pulling worms and hearing Red-wing Blackbirds singing the first few days of the month.

Garden: We even were able to plant some of our lettuce seedlings from the cold frame directly into the garden box.
Peas and beets and radishes were all started in March as well!

We were very thankful for the warm spell in March, that allowed us to do so many "unusual" things, and cannot wait until the real spring comes.

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