Wednesday, May 16, 2012


On Tuesday, May 8th, after a few days of watching and waiting, our Nubian goat kidded. (for those of you who do not know goat terminology, this just means that she had her babies, it does not mean she told a joke :)
Since this was her first time, we expected only one kid, but because of her size, we were hoping for two...... We did NOT expect THREE!!!
That is correct. After minimal labor Java popped out one beautiful dark brown headed darling girl. Then, not even a minute later another girl, this one with gorgeous butterscotch colored, long delicate ears entered the world.
It was nearly 10 minutes later when the third kid came.  A very large, very adorable boy.
So now we are the extremely proud owners of three adorable kids.  
The happy family of four.
The babies are ever so healthy and energetic, even more so now than when these pictures were taken,
And Java, despite our forebodings, has turned out to be a wonderful mother.  I love her low voiced little momma nicker.
The triplets are now a week old, and they are bouncing around like crazy, especially since Puella has officially transferred back to live with the big goats.  She eggs them on, and seems particularly fascinated with the little boy.  Those two are butting heads almost constantly!
We are very grateful to God for the easy and healthy birth of Java's kids, and are constantly asking for wisdom, as our "little farm" becomes bigger, and bigger, and bigger......

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