Saturday, May 26, 2012

Early Garden Work

 This last couple weeks we have been very busy with a variety of projects and events, including but not limited to: attending a wedding, Faith, and I (separately) spending a few days with our Aunt Carmen after her knee surgery, all our normal volunteering, and last but not least preparing for a surprise party (which I will be sure to tell you about in detail later).  But somewhere between all our scheduling we were able to work on some gardening.  
 Faith had started a half dozen or so early tomatoes as an experiment, so two weeks ago, not without some trepidation, Faith planted them in the garden.
 There were a few nights when we had to cover them, but they managed quite well, and I would say the experiment was a success, because we now have tomato plants which are already flowering in the garden!  (now to just plant the other 100 or so tomatoes :)
 Over in the strawberry patch things are coming along nicely, and there are bunches upon bunches of little thumbnail size green strawberries which are continually growing and just barely beginning to get a pinkish cast.
 Back in the big garden the lettuce is coming along nicely, as are the peas, and...
 the radishes.  We really don't eat radishes very much, but they grow so quickly and are so cheery and bright that we just can't help but plant them!
 Now all the beds are cleared in the garden, and this past week we planted pole beans, bush beans, carrots, and beets, and in the garden patch out back there are potatoes growing, and three rows of corn planted.

We are very thankful for the garden that God has allowed us to have, and are trying our best to use the time that we have wisely so that we can keep up the yard work as well as enjoy life and help others.  Sometimes we wish there were more hours in the day, and then other times....


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