Monday, May 28, 2012

Flora and Fauna Fotos

 As spring progresses the flowers and wildlife become more and more abundant.  I thought I would share some of my nature photos with you.  I hope you enjoy!!
The Orioles have come in force, we might even have a pair nesting in the maple tree out back.
 We have at least four to six Robins' nest all around our property.  This particular one we found once the eggs had already hatched.  They went from above to...
this!  Two of them fledged one evening leaving this last baby in full possession of the nest.
The next morning he too headed off for his own adventures.
Another Robin couple made a nest in our pine trees out back, and have three beautiful blue eggs residing in the structure right now.
 Blue skies and Dandelion fluff.  :)  
 Josiah now is a collector of wild flowers, and he can identify almost any Michigan wildflower in our area.  If he doesn't know it, you will be sure he will before 24 hours is up.  He dug up these gorgeous wild geraniums from the side of the road and transplanted them into the glade out back.
 A beautiful blue butterfly.
 Sadie Rose loves to chase after lids/frisbees (which we call "rabbits"); she will do it for hours!!
 This duck nest was found in our neighbor's field; there were 11 eggs all crowded in a cozy nest.  A couple of days ago when I went to check on it again, the ducklings had hatched and left already!
 One of my favorite wildflowers of this season (and I use the term "favorite" loosely because I have MANY!) has to be the Dame Rocket.  
 You will see it flowering in profusion along the road side, spreading its purple and cream beauty all about it. 
 There is a particularly gorgeous patch beside the Pregnancy Resource Center where we volunteer, and so last time we were there I had to go out and take pictures of it.  Multitudes of pictures.
 Of course a bouquet came home with us as well. :)
 Our front flower bed has done wonderfully this spring, most of the flowers came back from last year and have multiplied themselves.
 Our poppies, which we were very surprised survived transplanting last year, have bloomed and faded, as have the Lilly of the valley.
Right now the Columbines are dominating the front flower bed.  We have ruffled ones, plain ones, pink ones,
and Faith's special pride and joy, her long spurred Columbine!

 The other night I was out taking shots of the flowers, and I was just about to click the shutter on this one columbine when the most darling bumble bee landed on it!!!!  I LOVE when things like that happen. :)

 Out back the Blackberry bushes are in full bloom (much more so than in the above pictures which was taken a few days ago). We are delighted and are looking forward to piles of blackberries come late summer. 
In the garden there are flowers too.  Chives.  Chives in abundance.  So many Chives we are giving them away.  As many as you like! 
 But they are pretty flowers and the bees love them.
 Some one gave us a huge bouquet of these lovely lilies and they have lasted for a week now, beautifying are dining room table.
 The mallow came back this year, spreading throughout the bed, and brightening the landscape.
 And to end this rather lengthy picture post, here is a full view of the front section of the flower bed.  So many things have been happening around here, and if nothing else happens I promise to post soon about the things that already have, but I have a feeling that is a false hope! :)


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