Saturday, June 16, 2012

Mr. Reiche's Party

Well, I guess I am a little behind on posting, but having decided that it would be a pointless task to try to update you on all our goings on for the past three weeks, I would like to present you with the earliest big event that I would be very remiss not to tell you about.
Almost exactly 5 years ago, soon after we had moved into our current home, we were helping out one of our new friends with a graduation party for their oldest son.  While there, we met one of their acquaintances, a man by the name of Neil Reiche, and our lives were changed infinitely for the better.
We soon found out that Mr. Reiche was a wonderfully caring, patient, humble man, who is always interested in whatever you are, and ready at almost anytime to go somewhere.  Over the past 5 years, we have gone on numberless hikes together, he has helped us out on numerous projects, and we have even gone on a few long adventures (like down to TN, or the EIC, and others) but more than all of those, Mr. Reiche always seemed to be available to just come over, we have enjoyed many meals and even more desserts, and just time together.   I could go on and on and on, about how this wonderful Christian man has impacted our lives, but I must get on with my story.
The amazing thing about Mr. Reiche, is that not only did he spend so much time with us, he also had about a dozen or so other families that he always seemed to be there for as well!!!  So we decided to host a surprise party for Mr. Reiche near his birthday and invite all the families that he has impacted throughout the years, to show him how much he is appreciated.  

Well this plan was a little more ambitious then we thought, as we realized how much yard work we needed to accomplish before we could pull off such a gathering, but nothing good comes without some labor and so we began.   The Arbor and fence were re-painted, and we finished cleaning up the garden, and putting everything in order, as well as burning the large brush pile that had accumulated out back.

Then, as the day approached, we began preparing for the games and activities that we had planned.  Mumsie is always so creative and all the games were centered around one of Mr. Reiche's interests, and believe me, he has many of them.
Soon the living room and dining room were littered with paper and paint.
The carpet was overrun with little cars, and stamps were scattered about the couch.
I was given the job of sign maker extraordinaire, and had a box full of them ready to be put to use that Saturday.
As usual Faith was busy in the Kitchen making a multitude of little "loaf o'golds" to be eaten with Strawberries for dessert.
Saturday morning dawned cloudy and drippy, and inside the Sauve house it was like a bee hive.
The kitchen table was overflowing, and everyone was whisking around finishing up last minute projects, and praying that it would not rain.  Because this was to be a surprise party, the plan was that Josiah, Josh, and Faith were to go for a hike with Mr. Reiche that afternoon, everyone else was scheduled to arrive around 3:30, and Mr. Reiche was to come back at 4:00 "for dinner."  Of course we were all worried that if it rained, they would not be able to go for their hike, but God worked all the details out, and despite a few drips here and there, nothing definite enough came to discourage our plans.
The time arrived and Josiah, Josh, and Faith ran off to meet Mr. Reiche, while the rest of us kept on running, trying to get everything set up.
One of the things that Mr. Reiche is known for is making trails, so Faith made a neat little trail for everyone to run around, complete with a bridge and a bench.
Before we really caught our breath the guests began to arrive, and I trotted along putting up the last of my signs and decorations.
This particular sign was in remembrance of our Tennessee trip.  Extremely amusing.
There are so many things that Mr. Reiche has done at our property so I made up signs to mark out the different items he had cut down...
... and built up.
Mr. Reiche is also known for spending time with children, and taking them for rides in wagons, thus the "red wagon water bottles" :)
We tried to make everything with Mr. Reiche themes, even the snacks!!
4:00 slowly approached and we all gathered apprehensively on the deck, waiting for the man of the hour.
There was a slight moment of worry, when Mr. Reiche decided to go into the house to clean up before he came out back, but with some quick convincing a slightly confused Mr. Reiche came through the door and was thoroughly surprised.
He began to look around and notice all the different families, and soon began to make his rounds.
Volkswagens were hung here and there in honor of Mr. Reiche's very own VW.
We were very pleased that Mr. Reiche's children and grandchildren were able to join us as well.

Everyone was telling stories and milling around looking at everything in the yard, and just enjoying each other's company.
Mr. Reiche's grandson Grayson was just too cute NOT to take pictures of!! :)
"Grandpa and Grandson"
(The Beverage table)
We had enough time to do a few games before dinner, and the first one was a VW race!!

Everyone was divided into teams, and the teams lined up with little ones in front.  
The point of the game was to run down to the cones, circle them, and come back and hand off the car to the next person in your team.  Trying to see which team would make it through first.
The problem was that our little cars weren't made quite as sturdy as the German models, so by the end everyone was holding on to the two sides of their car and just running that way.  Still fun though!!!
We also did a stamp collecting relay before heading up to the deck to eat.
Before prayer, each one of the families told how and when they had met Mr. Reiche and some of the memories they had made with him.
Then we all dug in.  The rest of the evening was spent in delightful fellowship, talking, laughing, playing.  
And eating dessert!  We had "make-your-own" Strawberry shortcake, and a chocolate cake decorated with a license plate (another one of the items that Mr. Reiche collects)  We are ever grateful for Mr. Reiche and how he is always ready to go together with us, and pray that we might have many more multiples of 5 years to do things together.
Here is a picture of the cake before it was cut, taken by my dear friend Megan, as I wasn't around at the time.


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I never did get to see that cake as decorated - any chance you can add one of those photos?
Mrs. B

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There you are Mrs. B!! :)