Tuesday, July 10, 2012


 So I am a little behind on last weeks activities, as Faith and I were down in Indiana at a wonderful conference.   Now I have to catch up on all the exciting events, starting with Fireworks!
The Saturday before the 4th Fireworks were scheduled at a lake only 2-3 miles away from us.  John and Mandi (who were up visiting for a week! :), Mr. Reiche, and our friend Daniel were coming along, so Josiah, Faith and I hopped on our Bikes and rode down ahead of them.
It was a lovely evening for a bike ride and thankfully all the big hills were down:)  We had decided to ride back in the van so we didn't have to worry about facing the hills the other way ;P
 When we all arrived it was still quite light out and we had some time to kill, so I had an impromptu photo session with my new/old bike and it's fancy horn (a gift from Mr. Reiche) 
As the sun set and the darkness deepened some people sent out little glowing balloons into the air.  They showed the direction of the wind, as well as just looking beautiful.
Then without much warning the show began!  Thanks to a friends loan of their tripod I was able to catch quite a few of the spectacular colored, noisy bunches of gunpowder.
Fireworks are beautiful to look at, but they are really nothing without the tang of smoke in your nostrils, and your heart jumping with the report of the explosion.
When they sent off a bunch of lower bright fireworks you could see all the boats sitting on the lake watching. I am sure it had to be deafening that close.
I think everyones favorite firework was the smiley face.  Awww!!  They shot off about 3 of them, but 1 didn't know where to look, and ended up staring off upwards into space.
This shot reminds me of the song "Starry Starry Night!!"  I am not sure if this is the leftovers or beginning of a firework :)
And I will end this post with my favorite picture from the evening.  I am not sure why, but something about the bright glitter, curly sparkles, and warm fervent color intrigues me.
I hope you all enjoyed this little fireworks show!


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