Friday, July 13, 2012

John and Mandi's Visit North

In June, we were very thrilled to hear from John and learn that he and Mandi were going to be able to come up for at least a week visit this summer.  The best part of it was that he was actually going to be here on the 4th/Faith's birthday!!!  Excited would be an understatement.  John and Mandi arrived late Wednesday night, the week before the 4th.  Most of Thursday was devoted to relaxing for them.  It was such a delight to be able to spend time with them both, and continue to get to know Mandi better.
Thursday evening Dad and Josh had another softball game scheduled, and since they were going to be short of guys, John offered to play.  Dear John has rarely been able to do any strenuous game or activity without injuring himself, and this occasion was no exception.  He managed to twist his ankle and hurt his hip, but he did hit pretty well!! :)
On Sunday, the Fultz children were very happy to see John and Mandi (as was everyone else of course :)
John helped Cade in his tense game of chess against Josiah...
and Sister was in heaven talking to Mandi about "girl stuff,"
They must have chatted for at least an half an hour or more!!

John and our no longer puppy Sadie!  Isn't she cute, and he handsome!!? 
On Tuesday night the Ostranders very kindly invited us all to come play Bocci ball.
It was a delightful evening, even for those of us that had a habit to bowl the balls, instead of gently roll them.
(The score board)
John and Mandi did excellent, especially Mandi, and we loved being able to spend a fun evening together with them.
It was pouring and driving rain outside, while we calmly played our game indoors.  We were actually disappointed when we drove homewards to find that the rain did not reach our home and dry garden.
"The court"
It's a blur, it's a fuzz, it's the famous Bocci player John!!
We had such a good time that we decided to continue it into the evening, so we invited everyone back to our house for smores, sparklers, and the most spectacular fireworks show ever shot off by amateurs.  Okay well not quite, but I think it was excellent.
The three Sauve boys were in charge of the show of pyro mania, and we watched by the deck or fire and Oooohed and Awwed appropriately.
We discovered that Fireworks are much more fun to watch with young children.  They are so awed and giddy at watching the blasts of color, that you become infected too, and are more apt to cheer on the fireworkers.
In between watching the displays we had our own fun of sparklers.
So much fun to wave around and watch the trail disappear into the darkness.
Then the show began again, and we all turned our eyes to the now black sky.
It was such a delightful evening of fun and fellowship, and we are forever grateful for the Ostranders and Fultz for sharing it with us.

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