Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Blueberries by the Bucketfull

 So, the Apple crop is non existent, the Peaches are not much better, the Sweet Cherries are few and far between, and the Tart Cherries are none whatsoever.  A person could just about sit down and cry.  Almost.  But...... 
.... The Blueberries!!!  Oh those wonderful blue spheres of antioxidental goodness.  Those lovely luscious berries have come on in force.  As if to make up for the misfortunes of the fruit bearing trees, the Blueberries came on early, heavy, and long.
 And we are very blessed to have some wonderful friends who just happen to own a Blueberry farm, which makes picking berries twice as fun!!
 I never realized that Blueberries are just about as photogenic as they are delicious, but let me tell you that they sure are!
 Mr. Reiche (who about lives down at the Blueberry patch during this season) loves to find the biggest bunches he can.  Blueberry bouquets.  :)
 Anyone know of the book "Blueberries for Sal"?  Yes, well, I think we found a modern Michigan dwelling version of the famous Blueberry eating Sal.  If anyone ever wants to re-illustrate the book I have a perfect candidate for the pictures.
So like Sal's mother we are now diligently canning, freezing and like the bears, digesting the berries to last through winter.


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