Monday, August 06, 2012

Makers Faire

It was a beautiful sunny Saturday morning and I found myself down by Henry Ford Mueseum where Theresa and her family were participating in the Makers Faire as vendors, and had asked Mr. Reiche and I to tag along!  I was super excited to be down by the Henry Ford again as I hadn't been there for a couple years, and aboslutely love all the history and displays.  Almost all the workers were riding bikes of some sort, most old fashion in one way or another, and I had a hard time not being jealous, especially of this darling yellow bike with both front and back baskets!
They actually used these Antique trucks to drive around and help set stuff up.  Theresa and I were very tempted to go for a spin when we saw that one of the workers had left the keys in the ignition :)
When we walked back to the table where Mr. and Mrs. Eddy were setting up, we saw this fine gentleman with his stupendous bike.
  He stayed for quite some time chatting, and telling us about his collection of bikes, and all his adventures with them.
Soon we had all the spices set up, and we hurried to finish the last minute details so we could look around before the faire officially opened.
Mr. Reiche was a big help, moving the laundry soap tubs here and there and in general helping with any heavy lifting.
Theresa was very creative in her setup, and when we had adjusted the last soap bar, tipped up that troublesome sign, and given a parting tweak to the quilt/table cloth we were off.
There was everything from antique machines from the musesum brought out for demonstration,
to odd scientific constructions, and bikes of every sort, size, shape and color.
Then we discovered that we could get inside the museum!!  Well the rest was history!  We had a lovely conversation with a lady and her son who were watching stunt flyers.
Then we hopped on the front of a train for a little ride (not the best place to ride a train I guess :).
We watched some interesting invention that played basketball.
And finally dropped by McDonald's for a 15 cent hamburger on our horse and buggy, before heading back outside to man the tent.
The rest of the day was filled with soap and spice sales, sitting under the tent (grateful for the shade), standing out in the burning sun in line for Ice cream, wearing geeky glasses (that one was done only by Theresa :) getting stung by a wasp (again, just a Theresa event) selling more soap, looking at all the crazy inventions, and hopping into the Museum a couple more times to look around.

One of the last activities of the day, before packing up and heading home, was Theresa getting a ride in a Quadricycle (or something like that, I cannot quite remember the name).  All in all it was a wonderfully exhausting, overwhelmingly exciting day.



Cait said...

Hello Christianna,
It is fun to see what your family has been up to! I wanted to let you know that I posted recently on Jacqueline's name - you had asked about that some time ago. It is very special to us, named after someone very dear and much more!
I'm glad you are doing well!

Sauve Family Blog said...

Thank you for letting me know Cait! (about Jacqueline:) So glad you enjoy seeing what we've been doing!
Miss you!