Saturday, August 18, 2012

Family Reunion

Every year in August our family attends the Harrison Reunion (Mom's mother's family) and every four years or so, we get the exciting responsibility of hosting the reunion.  Usually we have it at a park in Port Huron, but this year due to some unchangeable circumstances we decided to have the Reunion in our own back yard!
Well at least it would have been in our backyard, if it hadn't been quite so soggy.  So instead, the night before the reunion, you would have found us frantically cleaning out our garage - a garage that hosted 60 plus chicks.  We did manage to get everything out, and Saturday morning cleaned and swept and cleaned some more.
By 11 or so everything was just about ready; the tables were set up, the grill warming, and the relatives arriving.
We managed to pack just over 60 people in our garage for prayer.  You never know what you can do until you try.
After prayer the families spread out, some in the garage, some in the large tent on the deck, and a few others in the little tent with the grill.
By the time we were all done eating the rain and drizzle had stopped, leaving everything wet, but not too wet for some die-hard volleyball enthusiasts.
After a couple rounds of volleyball and other random games, we headed out front for group pictures.
The Learned family. ( Mother's maiden name)

All of those in the first generation.  We did get a whole group photo, but unfortunately my camera's battery died at that point. :(
Pictures finally over with (it takes a while with such large families) we headed out back for our annual water balloon toss.
It is always a pretty fierce competition, and this year was no exception.
We did three rounds, each time with a different winner (though the top three were always up there) so of course we had to have a match between the three winners for the ultimate victor!
"two sisters enjoying some treats" :P
When the balloons were all used the volleyball continued.
We actually had some impressive competition going with quite a few volleys back and forth.
Slowly but surely the afternoon wore away and the relatives began to say goodbye and trickle out except that is, for the volleyball players, who of course had to finish up their games.
Despite the rainy weather, the reunion was a success and I believe everyone enjoyed themselves.  As for us, I think I can say it was worth cleaning out the garage. :)


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