Friday, August 17, 2012

Our New Vocation

So, Faith, Josiah and I have found our calling.  We have been doing this particular work for 4 years or more without realizing it, and now have only begun to comprehend the magnitude of our vocation.
What is it?  Farm sitting, house sitting, animal watching, just all around take-care-of-your-place-while-you're-gone.  That's us!
Over the years we have watched around 6-8 different farms/houses, multiple times, and have had to take care of everything from cows to fish, and everything inbetween.  One of our latest jobs was staying at a farm north of us that had a dog, ferret, one cow, one steer, uncountable cats, and most importantly.....
Six horses!!!
And even more to the point, horses that we were allowed to ride.
So we did, we rode as much as we could.
Josiah who has only been on a horse once before (and that when he was 7 or 8) rode Freckles the retired barrel racer, like a pro.  Farmer turned Cowboy :)
Reno, the other horse we could ride was a beautiful mustang from out west.  Gorgeous horse.
Whoops, Someone shrank the horse! :) Actually this is Misty the pony, and we only rode her once.  We were just a mite too big, don't you think?

The other four we admired, petted, fed, and played with.
The last day of our farm sitting we were happy to have Josh and Theresa join us and enjoy some riding as well.

Like I said, there were many barn cats around, and like any self respecting cat, their favorite time of day was....
Milking time:)
 We had a lovely time farm sitting. Each job is different and enjoyable in its own way.  So now that we realized we have a business if you need any animals watched, give us a call!  But make sure you do it in advance; somehow without knowing it, we have become quite popular farm sitters.  

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