Thursday, November 08, 2012

Frost and Fall/Winter Birds

November has arrived, and along with it, the icy fingers of frost, and flocks of birds both bright and drab, as they mob our bird feeder for sustenance. 

Here are some pictures of the changing seasons, and of the cheery winged creatures that become more visible during this time.

{back before we cleaned out the garden, the little bunches of marigolds resembled snow covered mountains}

One of the last of the dandelions.

Mr. Elvis Presley (as we fondly call the White Breasted Nuthatch, for his slicked back jet-black hair) is a rather frequent visitor to the feeder.
As well as his cousin, the fierce and adorable Red Breasted Nuthatch.
There are three or four of these vocal little rascals. They are brave in a show-offy sort of way, and down right cute, with their peachy orange vest, sporty gray overcoat, and topping it all off, a little black cap with the un-resistible eye stripe.
Farther away on the family tree, but still with some resemblance the Downy Woodpecker clings to the tree with her unique toes while pecking at her favorite snack, suet.
Mrs. Red bellied Woodpecker, one of the larger birds which grace our humble feeder with their presence, is all elegance, despite her somewhat flattish dimension.
Her black and white cape is particularly stunning against her creamy gray dress, and perched on the back of her head in the epitome of fashion is a little red cap.
Up above in the tree limbs, perches the Peter bird. This little fellow is perfectly inconspicuous with his predominately gray apparel, and his call is amongst the easiest to imitate causing much amusement when the little Tit-mouse comes flying to see who else is singing!

Suddenly the serentity of the birdfeeder is disturbed by the harsh sound of a mock hawk call.  Down drops a flash of blue, and the dashing all important Blue Jay scoops up some lunch.
So much so, that pretty soon his crop bulged out at a ridiculous angle and it became increasingly difficult to add more seeds to his collection.
One of the many fascinating parts of God's amazing creation, His winged creatures give plenty of entertainment and education if only you take the time to watch.

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