Friday, November 09, 2012

Harvesting the Carrots

The weather has been getting steadily colder (barring the quick warm up this weekend)  and last week we decided it was time to harvest our carrot crop before the ground freezes.
We had planted four different types of carrots, and Mom, Faith, Josiah and I each picked a kind and started pulling.

My particular variety were very very large in circumference.
This carrot decided to be the odd one out.  It's not easy being yellow ;)
Josiah had a unique carrot as well.
Once we finished pulling our kind, we snapped off their greens and took them inside to be weighed. 
Josiah was one of the last ones to bring in his carrots because he spent so much time arranging them!

The official amount was 47 pounds!  We were very grateful for how well our carrot crop did this year, especially considering our practically zero amount of potatoes, but that is another story.


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