Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Friday Evening Outing

This last Friday evening if you happened to chance by our house, you would have found it deserted.  Three of  it's occupants were off to the movies ("The Hobbit" at the Henry Ford Imax Theater!! It was a belated birthday present for Charity),  so the remaining 3 (yes our family is officially shrunk to 6) decided to head off on an adventure of their own!

The first stop was Colette's Antique shop.  Mom, Faith and I were soon lost in wonder at the magnitude of the place!  It was ENORMOUS!! 
Each booth had it's own flavor (and prices ;P )
One of our finds (a look-at-find only) was a ledger from the 1920's!  Filled with page after page of handwritten records.  The prices of produce back then.....!

I was one of the happiest creatures on earth, when Faith found two darling Beatrix Potter dishes!!  They came home with us where they belong!

After drooling down one aisle (it took us over a half and hour to simply peruse one single side of the store!!) we realized it was time to go, so we collected our items, purchased them and left.


 Our second destination was a friends church, where there was going to be an orchestral band playing.
 The band (which was made up of everything but strings) was phenomenal and played a delightful variety of classical and seasonal pieces and melodies.

 The percussion section had to be our favorites, and from our seats we could view it quite well.  One particular man playing the snare drum, as well as countless other percussion instruments, was absolutely a blast to watch!! He was so in to his music!!

 There was quite a large clarinet section as well as oboe, flutes etc.

So while half of us watched a movie, and the other half traipsed about town, all had a fabulous time!


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