Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Puzzled Village

Once upon a time in the land of Put-Together, settled in the middle of the valley of Pieces, sat a group of houses known as the Puzzled Village.
Built in the Bavarian style, the large buildings are formed with narrow minded streets and crookedly thought chimneys.

The inhabitants of Puzzled Village are a quiet folk, too confused about their own affairs to worry much about the world around them.

No smoke ever rises out of their befuddled chimneys, but pretty flower pots grace the windows that stare uncomprehendingly on the surrounding world.   

A stones throw away stands the Mansion of Comprehension where the Giants of thought reside, but no reverberation of their footsteps ever disturbs the self pleased Puzzledinians, and not the whisper of meditation ever stirs the air of their silent abodes.

As the sun sets the disoriented people of Puzzledom vacate the bewildered streets and enter their baffled homes.

The setting orb streams through the deserted streets of the Puzzled Village, endeavoring to bring some light upon its subjects, but alas they have all flown into their darkened abodes, never to be disturbed by the power of reckoning.

And so ends my story, which never began, of the Puzzled Village, and it's bewildered occupants.



Anonymous said...

Very cute and creative sis! so... when's your first childrens book gonna be published? :)


Anonymous said...

Cute! I like Josh's idea. : )
Mrs. Hayse

Jon Mieczkowski said...

Very clever :)

Sauve Family Blog said...

Thank You all!! The story part was in part inspired by "The Phantom TollBooth" but really was just made up to go along with the photos I took.