Saturday, December 22, 2012

The New Room

After Grandpa passed away, we began to think about revamping the master bedroom for Mom and Dad.  This included, new paint, new flooring, and general rearranging.
: not quite completed yet, but pretty close! :
The first step was a new coat of paint.  Most of our house is the same tan color, so we decided it was time to liven things up a little bit.

If you have never tried, you can have NO idea how terribly difficult it is to pick out the proper shade of green.
Even if you think it looks just right on that tiny piece of paper in Home Depot, beware!  Once it is on your wall, it will take on an entire shade of its own.  But despite the "frosted pine" not being exactly what we were looking for, it was still pretty, and created a calm relaxing atmosphere.
Once the paint was applyed and dried, we began to work on the floor.  Tearing up the old dirty carpet, then after much debate decided to install Pergo flooring.
We were delighted to have the help of friends who had experience in the placing of the flooring, and in one day it was all finished!
All the furniture moved into place, the curtains hung, and the elegant touch of an orchid on the dresser, the room was finished, excepting a few wall hangings which are to come.

We did hang one picture up.  A painting of my Grandpa and Grandma Sauve's house, a house whose roof just "happened" to match the "wrong" color of paint exactly!



Mrs. B said...

That green is just about Mr. B's favorite color! Appears to be very close to the green we used in his office early this year. Who did the painting of G/G Sauve's house? Very nice. Mrs. B

Sauve Family Blog said...

Thanks! It was an artist friend of my Aunt Kathy. She painted it from looking at several photos of the house. It is such a beautiful painting! I love it.
~ Faith

Grace said...

The room looks great!! love the flooring! Now just to do that in the living room. ;)

Sauve Family Blog said...

:D -Grace- We are getting there!! And hey you never know, we might even get around to repainting the kitchen this coming summer! :P