Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Traditional Snowflakes: The Beginning

We Sauve's enjoy snow, so much so that snowflakes have become a beginning point and major part of our end of the year traditions.    On or around the first day of winter we set aside an evening to turn our living room (and other sundry parts of the house) into a winter wonderland.  This tradition has become the launching pad for our "Special Days".  And just as last year, Faith took the snowy evening for her activity.

Paper was cut, snowflakes emerged, they were then ironed flat, and strung ready to ascend to the ceiling.
Tasty little snackables were partaken of between snowflakes, while the audio drama of the classic story "Christmas Carol" set the tone.

As always the men of the family were in charge of sticking the paper crystals up where they belonged, and the now nearly 6'7" Josiah, managed easily standing firmly on the ground.
As Ebenezer Scrooge went on his ghostly adventures, snowflakes danced down the hallway, and swirled about the living room.

So now Winter has officially begun, inside and out!  Do enjoy!!


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Simply sublime. :)