Wednesday, December 26, 2012

All Natural Snowman

The other morning, when we had a half inch of snow that only lasted till noon, Josiah bared the deck of all it's snow in order to make a first rate snowman!
But this snowman wasn't your usual carrot-nosed snowman.  No, Josiah would never be satisfied with such expected and normal decorations.  Instead he wandered around back looking for creative and natural appendages for his snowman. 
A catail formed his foreboding mouth, and a Sumac was made to act as an elongated snout for the man.  His eyebrows were ferocious pine needles, but the most shocking part of all was....
HIS HAIR!!!  Yes this snowman had hair, and quite a bit of it.  Apparently he doesn't own a comb, either that or his hair is of the type that will not lay flat no matter what you do to it! ;)
The small eyed - big nosed- green haired- large mouthed snowman, and his creator.  
The fierce and bold snowman, only lasted till that evening, when, while still glowering at all the world, he toppled forward, doing a perfect nose dive onto the wet deck. :(

(By the way, can anyone guess what his eyes were made of?)



Anonymous said...

And did it in his bare feet!! Lol! Looks great!!
Tina Walker

Mrs. B said...

If not from the backyard, I would guess dried apricots! Mrs. B

Sauve Family Blog said...

Sorry Mrs. B! Not apricots, try again :)

Mrs. B said...

Mushrooms? ~ Mrs. B

Sauve Family Blog said...

YES!!!!!! Mrs. B You are correct! Josiah found them in the front yard while looking for acorns. :)