Friday, December 28, 2012

Unique and Unusual

Most all of our snowflakes hanging in our house, are cut out from patterns, but just recently we discovered a whole new world to snowflakes.

A couple days ago Faith stumbled upon this gallery of snowflakes. Take a look at them; they are incredibly stunning!!  Anyways, we were inspired, and while at first we stuck to trying to use her ideas while drawing them ourselves, soon Faith was branching out into her own ideas and creations.
This beautiful butterfly one came first.
Next Hummingbirds flew in.

Then Faith delved into something more dramatic and very detailed.  A garden snowflake, complete with gloves, sun hats, seed packets, shovels, hoes, and more!
Spring bulbs bloomed in the next snowflake.
I tried my hand at a design of my own, with horses and horse shoes!
And finally to go with the season, Faith created this winter snowflake.
Josiah wasn't so sure about these beyond snowflake designs, and so he stuck to real life snowflakes.
A couple he actually did from pictures of really true snowflakes.
So go ahead and be creative, all you need is a properly folded piece of paper, an imagination, a sharp pencil and a pair of scissors.  Draw your design on your folded paper, then cut out the extra parts.  Unfold, iron and voila, a customized snowflake.  



Mrs. B said...

Oh. My. Word! These are incredible!! Unbelievably beautiful ... but it does *almost* give me a headache to think of cutting those out ... completely fascinating. I looked at the flickr photos but don't quite see *how* you achieve the shapes you have! Guess I will just have to try some .... tomorrow ...

Anonymous said...

Those are quite epic!