Saturday, December 29, 2012

Josiah's Hike: Second Day

Every year, when it comes to Josiah's day, we always go out on a hike.  This time we headed out to an area we had never been before.

Since it was hunting season, Sadie sported a fashionable orange bandanna!
All ready to hit the trail!
Precious little treasures in the snow.
Rows of pines hemmed us in on our first part of the journey, but it soon opened up into lighter woods, and....
hills!!  You would make it heaving and whooshing to the top of one hill, only to look down a steep chute on the other side and once you tiptoed down the dangerous ravine, you would find yourself once again trudging upwards!  Mumsie and Dad trudged along with the "youngins" quite well!
So many unexpected beauties found in this "dead" season.  It is just as much a stunning declaration of God's beauty and majesty as the other more colorful seasons; you just have to look harder, which makes it all the more special and wonderful!

One of the most drastic hills we surmounted!  Mom took one look at this and nearly turned right around! :)
Even Sadie Rose was properly worn out by so much trekking.
Sledding anyone?  We passed this hill on our path, and immediately claimed it for further adventures, with our sleds.
Delicate beauty
Majestic Beauty
{This is Mount Holly, far away in the distance!}
Simple Beauty
Alright now I must disclose a secret not well known....  We talk to Rocks...
...And trees!  No just kidding. Really, Faith was looking at some exquisite moss on the rock, and Josiah and Sadie were seeing if anyone was living in the hollow tree.  :P 

"A shadowy figure dodged among the trees..."  Josiah forsook the main trail on our way back and decided to jog through the austere stand of pines.
Baby Pine Cones
The only difference between Faith sitting in a tree and Josiah sitting in the tree... the height!
And so the adventure ended back were it began, and the intrepid travelers (in many versions of footwear) piled into their trusty vehicle and made their way homewards!


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