Saturday, January 05, 2013

Last Few Days of 2012

The last few days of 2012 were full of fun games and adventure, and instead of posting each activity or day, I thought I would pile them all together in one gigantic lump :)
On Mom and Dad's day we had a delightful evening playing scrabble of sorts.  We were divided into teams of two and each team was given a set of letters out of which they were to make a verse, or phrase of a song, or group of ideas!

Friday was set aside for Charity, and in the afternoon we all grouped into the kitchen to make chicken garlands. :) 

We strung grapes, radishes, Brussels sprouts, cranberries, and boiled eggs, and then hung them out in the 
chicken coop!

It was the last of the "special" days before our celebrations when we headed out to Whole Foods.  Many things were looked at, some sampled, and some sniffed, and more than expected bought! :)

Finally New Years Eve came and after spending the first part of the afternoon figuring out and preparing the menu, I headed outback to collect decorations for the table.

Soon the table was set, the candles lit and the food served up.  It was a delightful meal, and the only complaint was that there was too much food!!

New Years morning found us tramping at the Sanctuary with Mr. Reiche.  But the above image is the only picture I have from the walk thanks to dying camera batteries :P

Upon arriving home we set out the games and once Josh and Theresa arrived had a fun-filled morning/afternoon with games, laughs and....

It was truly a delightful two days, not only filled with the above, but also with some wonderful family devotions, discussions, remembrances, and thanksgiving!

"O sweet Lord Jesus, You are the present portion of Your people, favor us this year with such a sense of Your preciousness that, from its first to its last day, we may be glad and rejoice in You."
~C.H. Spurgeon

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Grace said...

Kind of bitter sweet looking through this post. Great family memories that I have missed the last few years. Glad you guys are keeping the traditions going! :) Oh, and considering there are only 6 bodies at home now, don't you think its time to shrink the table? ;)

Happy New Year (+9 days)