Friday, January 18, 2013

Sledding Season!

Winter is one of our four favorite seasons! - filled with hanging snowflakes, going for hikes, snow forts, and best of all.....
One of our favorite sled hills is of course Mr. Reiche's sled run!
Last year the sled run didn't open until mid January, but this year we were able to slip in some sledding before the end of the year.
The initial run was made on December 28th.

That Friday morning run was the beginning but not the last.
Saturday we returned for some quick runs in the dark.

Then Monday we were back again....

This time with a bunch of little ones in tow.

The sled run was used to its full potential, as one after another climbed up and then slid down.

Quick breaks at the fire were taken here and there to return feeling to our cold limbs before jumping on sleds  for more!

If you became tired of sledding, you could run out back where the new attraction at the Reiche resort was installed.
A superb zip line!!!!
Then of course there is the fort to defend or attack!
And if we are along, you just might find a boy willing to become a snow mummy.
We are patiently enduring this short thaw, but as soon as the snow comes again, we will be sitting on sleds waiting to go down and anyone is free to join us!! ;)


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Sledding would be fun!