Saturday, January 19, 2013

Snowing Indoors: The Snowflake Party

One rather warm Friday in January, when the snow was all melting outdoors, and everything was putting on the false hope of spring, inside the Sauve home we were ignoring the odd weather and preparing for a snowflake party in the basement! :)  Ironic... yes.
As I shared before we have found a new hobby, customized snowflakes.  As we showed our friends the new snowflakes we had quite a few mention that they would love to learn how.  Thus birthed the snowflake party.
We brought down our "special" snowflakes to display for idea starters, as well as a stack of papers printed with the snowflake pattern on them, ready to be folded and cut out.
We decided to go for a white snowflake theme with our tea, so piles of Macaroons, Russian teacakes, Lemon melt-a-ways, and a gorgeous snowflake and icicle Chocolate cake graced the table. 

It was short but lovely time, full of snowflakes, laughter, a short devotional on snow, tea and delectable dainties.

Unfortunately I was not able to get any pictures of all the wonderful creations of our guests.  But there was some beautiful ones among them. 
Above are some of Faith and my snowflakes from the party.

So some wintry day in February when you have the blues, why not have a few friends over and host a snowflake party of your own?  Just try to pick a day where the weather outdoors coincides with your activity indoors. :)


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