Tuesday, December 11, 2012

November is Gone

 November is gone. It disappeared when I wasn't looking; slipped away like all other of its 10 counterparts, and now December is upon us.  Practically half way gone!!  So I do realize that it has been awhile since the calendar flipped to this last month, but I still wanted to share a quick review of the last bit of November with you all.
November 14th we gathered to celebrate the life of my Grandpa, George Learned.

The service was truly wonderful and glorifying to our Savior, after which we headed over to the cemetery before gathering at the church for a fellowship meal.


That same week some of us were thrown into ecstasies by the downfall of snow!! I took some time in all the craziness to wander out back and take some snow pics.  This one has to be my all time favorite.  I continue to marvel at the endless variety in God's creation, especially snowflakes, and I am thrilled when I can capture them on camera.

Thanksgiving came before we really had time to breathe, and we were happy to gather at Aunt Carmen's house with all of the family.
Everything was decorated just so, and conversation was lively, activity bustling, and fellowship delightful!
The food was overwhelming as usual, and everyone was overstuffed by the time we were through.
One very special part of this particular thanksgiving celebration was a tape that my Great Aunt Myrt brought.  A tape that was recorded in 1950, before my Grandparents had left for Africa.  It was of my Grandpa singing solos with Aunt Myrt in the Harrison living room.  The recording was stunningly clear, and it was wonderful to be able to hear Grandpa's voice which was startlingly full and deep for a 23 year old!

The afternoon was finished off with pie, though most of us could fit but a sliver and we all left homeward, satisfied with the food and fellowship of yet another Thanksgiving gathering.


One of our last indoor projects of November was rearranging our girls room.  Since Grace is married and moved out, we no longer have use for four beds, so we made the decision to saw of the loft, and simply have a bunk-bed and a single.
It was a bit more difficult than we had expected, but with the combined geniuses of Dad, Josiah and Faith, and a bit of engineering everything was finished by mid-afternoon.
There was so much new empty space on the wall where the loft was, that I was able to pull out this adorable picture that was a gift from Mr. Reiche.  It just perfectly accented our too pink walls :)

Now back to December.


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