Saturday, February 16, 2013

All Frozen Again

 It wasn't very long after the "meltdown" when the temperatures once again plummeted and everything froze in place. 
 But, the freeze began before "all the waters had receded off the face of the earth" and after the streams had iced over.  The water continued to decrease to it's normal state, creating a foot gap between the ice you saw, and the partial icy but still running water underneath.

If you were able to punch through the top layer and peer through, you would be rewarded with a look into what seemed like a beautiful, delicate, and almost surreal world.

 Ice structures hung from the ceiling, formed in bubbles around rocks, and magnified the beautiful sound of the rushing water.

 Walls of crystallized condensation stand here and there, creating a visual block in the long cold world.

My favorite part of this under-ice creation had to be the ice feathers.  Scattered all along the edges and some seeming to float on the water, they were simply stunning!

 Much more marvelous than I could capture on camera; I only wish you could have seen them yourself...
 God is a magnificently beautifully complex being, as I am constantly reminded of by viewing the things God imagined and spoke into being!

 And as if ice layers weren't enough beauty a couple of days later there was another marvel of winter.
Frost coating the trees, fences, bushes..... everything!!!!

And just to make it more majestic, God paired the white outlined trees with a light mist down below and piercing blue skies above!!!

 Chicken wire + frost feathers = beautiful :)

Little love birds in a frosty tree.... then on second thought they have their backs to each other.......

Isn't it simply stunning!?!?!?!?!!

Look at all those little tiny ice crystals!  Truly amazing.

See what I mean?   

Reaching to Heaven.

We have a truly creative Father!!  Go out and take sometime to just soak in the beauty and worship Him for it.

It won't be a waste of your time... promise.


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