Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Harvesting The Ice

 When our pond refroze Josiah decided to harvest some of the newly formed ice.  Back in the early days this would have been done with whole communities and horse drawn wagons.  Josiah of course doesn't have access to horses (too bad..) so he used his own strong muscles and our toboggan.

First he chopped a hole with his hatchet for a starting spot.

Next, Mr. Reiche's borrowed saw came into play.

Josiah said "it cut the ice like butter!" :)

About 5 inches wide for each cut, since the ice was about 5 inches thick.

After cutting the slabs, Josiah pulled them out to chop into cubes.

Sadie Rose was very interested in the procedure, and ate every little chip of extra ice laying around.  Frozen doggie!!

Josiah "harvested" 32 ice cubes off of the pond that day.  Now we'll see just how long they last!!


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