Tuesday, February 19, 2013


It was a snowy Saturday; so snowy in fact that it was hard to see the trees out back.  Into this blizzard I ventured, wrapped up in scarf and coat to feed my ducks their lunch.  Sadie Rose accompanied me, and we were soon fighting our way through the blowing flakes marveling at the thickness of the falling snow.  After I fed my ducks I decided to go for a quick walk around back and headed up the pine tree path.  It was truly beautiful and I vaguely wished I had my camera with me.  I quickly banished the thought, and decide to simply enjoy the beauty and capture it in my memory.  I was just beginning to head back up when a flutter of wings and a soft cheep-cheep attracted my attention.  Looking up I saw 3 bluebirds peering down at me through the maple branches.   That's it, I thought; I have to fetch my camera.
To my immense relief and surprise they were still there when I returned, and not only did they stay, they POSED!

Truly, the little birds seemed to like me taking pictures of them, and perched, chirped, and tilted their little heads regarding me with curiosity.  I was thrilled.

They perched on branches, bushes, and the tippy top of sumac.

The females reminded me of little English Robins.  So poofy and cute!

Sweet little couple.

I stood out in the snow for what must have been at least 30 minutes if not longer, simply captivated by the charming little creatures.

Perfectly Adorable!

I finally was driven inside by frozen fingers, and shared my find with everyone inside.  Faith made up some Bluebird food and we headed back out to set up a feeder for the little songbirds.
I was a little worried that they all would have left and I wouldn't be able to show Faith them.  But, no, sure enough there were a line of them in the maple tree.   Sitting like little fluffy balls gravely watching the proceedings.  We hope that they find our offerings, and stay around for a little while.  But even if they don't, I am so very grateful for the chance to spend a happy, snowy half hour with these dainty little feather friends.


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