Saturday, February 23, 2013

Winter Flowers

Winter is still settled on us, and though there are little green shoots pushing their way up in the frozen world, there are no brightly tinted blossoms to greet your color-hungry eyes.  Here at Lily Spring Gardens and Farm, we have solved this problem by both forcing our own bulbs, and grabbing up any bunch of flowers which are on sale at the store.
Hyacinth are some of our favorite flowers to force, because then you can actually smell their gorgeous perfume without standing on your head to sniff. :)

 Dad bought his girls this beautiful bouquet of multicolored Roses.  Simply Gorgeous, and a few of them actually had a scent which is unusual for greenhouse Roses.
Then for Valentines Day Dad purchased this beautiful lily for Mother.

We hope to plant it outside once the weather breaks, and enjoy the beauty in the following years as well!!

This little happy flower doesn't smell at all, but it sure does make you smile :)  It is solar powered so when ever the sun comes out, the little flower bobs and dances in pure delight.

You have to be careful going into Kroger late February, especially if you have any money in your pocket.  The other day Dad and I stopped in, and I immediately decided to rescue the pitiful pot of Tulips that were discounted.   The pot was bone dry, and the Tulip leaves were faded and old, but there were many flowers still alive, so I brought it home and enjoyed the beauty while it lasted.

This year I tried forcing Daffodils for the first time.  They got a little tall and spindly  but are absolutely adorable.  Pretty soon the flowers will start blooming outdoors - little Crocuses creating dots and splashes of brilliant color across the lawn, Daffodils nodding in rows in the the breeze, Chinidoxa peeping shyly in our new flower bed, and buds bursting into life on tree limbs.  Sigh, Spring is one of the most exquisitely, delicately, beautiful times of the year!


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