Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Down in Florida

 Last week, the "children" of the Sauve family were "home-alone".  Dad and Mumsie were privileged to attend the National Ligoneer Conference in Orlando, Florida.
They had a wonderful instructive time, very much enjoyed the warm weather, and were overwhelmed with the attendance at the conference.  Over 5,000 people!!!!!
Below are a few photos from their weekend.

The Chapel.

Look at all those people!

When they went to get their rental car the lady suggested they upgrade to a midsize car since Dad would have had a very hard time fitting in the economy cars (Dad said they looked like Roller Skates :P )  but when they went out to the lot there weren't any midsize cars so they were given a full size for the same price!!

The enormous church where the conference was held.

The Brass Band that serenaded them during one meal.

At the end of the conference they invited all who wanted to come up and sing the Hallelujah Chorus.   Dad went to sing, along with a couple hundred others!  They only had one practice but mother said it sounded magnificent.

Heading homeward over the clouds.

We are so grateful Mom and Dad had a safe and enjoyable time away, and well, we managed to behave pretty well back on the home front... :)


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