Friday, February 08, 2013

Ice and Skates (belated)

(Wow!  I guess I kind of forgot that we had a blog to keep up :)  So here is for those of you still looking, a post that should have been up two weeks ago!!)

Just a few days before the world was swamped with water (or at least the part of the world that contains Lily Springs Garden and Farm)  when everything was still solid and frozen, we were very happy to have the chance to do some ice skating.

On Friday I went down to skate with some neighbors on their large pond.


The next day Josiah and I trudged back to our frozen pond to clean it off in hopes of finding that it too was in good shape for skating.

To our delight, we found that almost all of it was skateable, we only had to be cautious on the end down by "the hole".

Faith and Sadie joined us once everything was clear for some figure skating :)

Josiah, wasn't into the figure skating and brought down a hockey puck instead.

Sadie decided that this was definitely more her sport as well, and became extremely talented at sneaking the puck with a paw before picking it up and trotting off to a nearby hill - the queen of the hockey puck! 

Sadie and Josiah played hard all afternoon (with a little bit of help from yours truly) and though we didn't quite decide who technically won the game, I say it was a true sweep by Sadie Rose!!!!

Dad came out at the end to do some Zamboni work, and Josiah took some water to patch up the dug-out spots for the next time (which never came...).

(The Hockey players!)
I hope to get you up to date on the many happenings of Lily Spring Farms, including the meltdown, freeze, current meltdown....  Well, you get the idea :P


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Anonymous said...

Loved the pictures of Sadie figure skating and playing hockey! :)